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Cotton Block Printing with Nathalie Cassee

Nathalie Cassée is a block printer and cultural entrepreneur. She founded the block print studio De Katoendrukkerij in the Dutch city of Amersfoort. Based in a 17th mill rooted in the city's textile past, the studio sets out to bring the history of block printing to life in contemporary form. We caught up with her to find out more.

International Quilt Festival Houston is one of the largest annual quilt shows in the world, but it's origins lie in a sewing bee, a Houston antique store and the passion of a remarkable woman. As IQF celebrates its 50th anniversary, we celebrate its founder, Karey Patterson Bresenhan.


The City of Fountains

Kansas City is home to more than 200 fountains, ranging from grand, classical cascades to ornate waterspouts via the most minimal of modern water features. Scattered throughout the metro and gracing parks, plazas and shopping areas, they are integral to the culture of the Kansas City – a place also known as the ‘City of Fountains’.

How quilting restored a midwest town

Hamilton, Missouri is known today as ‘Quilt Town USA’, a thriving community home to numerous quilting stores and a fascinating museum.  But only 15 years ago, this small, midwestern town was down on its luck, its main street blighted by abandoned buildings and empty shops. The agent of change was a family-run company called the Missouri Star Quilt Company...

The Jardin des Plantes of Nantes

Nantes' Jardin des Plantes is one of France’s big four botanical gardens. Stretching over more than 17 acres in the centre of the city, it is home 10,000 living species and sees 50,000 flowers planted each season. No wonder it has earned it the title of 'Jardin Remarquable’ !


The Gardens of Lake Como

According to historian and gardener Robin Lane Fox, it is the gardens of Italy with their captivating mix of rigour and informality (think neat parterres, clipped hedges of box and citrus, grand statuary and playful fountains set against flower meadows and ornamental vegetables) that underpin much of what we think of as the essential elements of formal garden design. In this blog, we celebrate two extraordinary gardens on the shores of Lake Como. 


Ladies of the Italian Lakes

According to historian and gardener Robin Lane Fox, it is the gardens of Italy with their captivating mix of rigour and informality (think neat parterres, clipped hedges of box and citrus, grand statuary and playful fountains set against flower meadows and ornamental vegetables) that underpin much of what we think of as the essential elements of formal garden design. Some of the very best of these gardens can be found on two islands in Lake Maggiore.

Keukenhof Garden - A Spring Sensation

Home to seven million spring-flowering bulbs and popularly known as the ‘Garden of Europe’, Keukenhof Garden is the largest flower garden in the world. In this blog, we take a look at our most favourite spring garden.



Orangutan Conservation in Borneo

According to the World Wildlife Fund, the Bornean orangutan is now classed as an endangered species, with the population estimated at around 104,700. Poaching and deforestation, which leaves the primates isolated and vulnerable, pose the biggest threats so conservation programmes are vital. One of the most renowned of these is The Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre (SOURC). Here we take a look their vital work. 

The Legendry Shophouses of Singapore

Singapore's shophouses are architectural icons reflecting Singapore's multi-cultural influences



Incredible, Immersive Adventures in India

Our Incredible India holidays are supported on the ground by SITA Travels, India’s leading Destination Management Company. Read on to find out why. 

Tranquil Bhutan and its Magnificent Yak

If you have seen Luana: A Yak in the Classroom, the Oscar-nominated Bhutanese film directed by Pawo Choyning Dorji, then you are probably dreaming of setting off to this most mysterious and tranquil of lands. We certainly are! We have also fallen a bit in love with yaks, so we thought we would make them the subject of this week’s blog. Enjoy!

A Thrilling 21st century city & extraordinary natural wonders

Tour Manager, Leonie Loudon  led our Captivating Holiday to Singapore and Gaya Island Resort in Malaysian Borneo. We will be off there again in October, so we asked her to share her highlights.


Jewel Changi Airport Singapore

Singapore's extraordinary Jewel Changi Airport was designed by a consortium of internationally renowned architects, including world-class global engineering and consultancy practice BuroHappold. We caught up with Karl Lyndon, Global Aviation Sector Leader based at the company’s Bath office, to find out more.

Talking Textiles with Patrick J Finn

We caught up with Patrick J Finn, photographer, author and Indian quilt expert, to find out more about a passion that has taken him across India, from bustling cities to remote villages. 

The Making - & Re-Making of a Dutch Baroque Garden

Known as the 'Versailles of the Netherlands', Paleis Het Loo is a beautiful baroque garden filled with fountains, parterres, and statues. First created in the 17th century, it has undergone several transformations - and a period of neglect - a story we tell here. 

A Iconic desert landscape - Monument Valley USA

With its awe-inspiring red mesas and buttes standing isolated amid empty desert sands, Monument Valley in North Arizona is said to be one of the most photographed places on earth and is the most enduring and definitive image of the American West. It has been designated as a Tribal Park in recognition of its importance to the Navajo people since 1958. We take a look at the geology, myths, and movie magic of this extraordinary landscape. 

Saving the Borneo Sun Bear

The Borneo Sun Bear is classified as vulnerable on The International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened Species, but there is a conservation centre in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo working to reverse this decline. In this blog, we discover some fascinating facts about the world's smallest bear and celebrate the work being done to protect it.

The history of an Alsatian quilt festival

Saint-Marie-aux-Mines in Alsace is the birthplace of the Amish movement, a history that is marked by the European Patchwork Meeting. We've delved into this history and its textile connections. 


Singapore Garden Festival

The Singapore Garden Festival (SGF) has established itself as one of the most important flower and garden shows in the world. Blooming into life every two years, this celebration of botanical creativity brings together award-winning landscape and garden designers, florists, and horticulturists from across the globe. 

Fantasy Flowers at the Mauritshuis museum

The Mauritshuis museum in the Hague is famous for its collection of Dutch masterpieces but the silk-covered walls of this elegant Golden Age building also boast the best collection of 17th Century Dutch and Flemish flower still life paintings in the world – including Vase of Flowers in a Window by Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder. Here we take a closer look at this captivating trompe l'oeil. 

Orchids of Singapore

Orchids have a special place in the history, culture, and economy of Singapore. In this blog we trace the history of the country's relationship with this exotic flower and reveal some of the gems that can be found in the spectacular National Orchid Garden.



The Art of Dha

Dha  - or archery - in Bhutan is not just a sport, it's a way of life that is central to the culture of this Himalayan country. Here we take a look at where it all began and (attempt to) describe the thrilling spectacle of a Bhutanese archery competition.



All Aboard the Glacier Express

Cork screwing across the Swiss Alps from Zermatt to St Moritz, the Glacier Express is one of the great train journeys of the world. We invite you aboard!


Celebrating Christmas Baubles

Glass baubles twinkling on the branches of pine trees are part of the magic of Christmas. But when - and where - did the tradition begin?  We take a look at this sparkling history. 


Literary Greats & an Iconic Pink cocktail

We celebrate Singapore's  iconic Raffles Hotel, a place loved by literary greats and which gave the world The Singapore Sling.



Growing Flowers on Land Reclaimed from the Sea

The Noordoostpolder in the central Netherlands is a mysterious land reclaimed from the sea and its mineral-rich soil makes for fabulous flowers. There are tulips of course, stretching as far as the eye can see in a glorious patchwork of colour. But there are many beautiful domestic gardens too. Some of the makers of these gardens are generous enough to share their green spaces with others and in this blog, we bring you three of our favourites. 


Saving Sea Turtles & Coral at Gaya Island Resort

Gaya Island Resort offers the kind of beach-front pampering that dreams are made of, but alongside the luxurious Spa Village, idyllic villas, and golden sands, is also a marine centre that plays a vital part in the protection of endangered sea turtles and coral reefs. We caught up with the resort’s Resident Marine Biologist, Scott Mayback, to find out more.


A Corfu Herbalist

Eleni Christoforatou has lived in Corfu for more than 20 years and her career path has been shaped by the island’s natural beauty. A graduate of the prestigious Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine in the USA, Eleni has been making healing salves, syrups, and tinctures, giving classes on herbal medicine and leading herbal walks for the past decade. We asked her to tell us more.

Magical Christmas markets in Alsace

Dotted with ancient, candy coloured towns that seem to have sprung straight from the pages of a children’s story, Alsace was made for Christmas. Small wonder then that this northeastern region of France is home to some of the best Christmas markets in Europe. Our  Magical Alsatian Christmas Holiday 2024 takes to you four of them. 

Magic at Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Magic awaits all who arrive at Swarovski Crystal Worlds. Rather than a revolving door, you enter through a giant’s head and immediately find yourself inside the Chambers of Wonder. Designed by a roster of internationally acclaimed artists, designers and architects, these are places of sparkling fantasy, guaranteed to amaze and enchant.

Christmas Baubles in Krakow Christmas Markets

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ quite like a glass bauble and there’s no place better to find them than Krakow



5 minutes with Matt Collinsworth

The National Quilt Museum in Paducah is home to around 650 works of quilting art, all of them made in, or after, 1980, making it one of the best collections of contemporary quilts in the world. Opened in 1991, it was founded by quilting enthusiasts Bill and Meredith Schroeder to celebrate the work of contemporary quilters and bring it to a wider audience. Former CEO, Matt Collinsworth, tells more about its past and present. 

10 Fascinating Facts about Bhutan

A tiny, remote kingdom nestling in the Himalayas between India and China, Bhutan was almost completely cut off from the rest the world for centuries. The country opened up to outsiders in 1970s, but it still fiercely guards its ancient traditions and remains a place that is mysterious, magical and utterly unique. Here are 10 fascinating facts about this inimitable country.

5 minutes with quilt artist Jacquie Gering

Jacquie Gering is a quilt artist and, as a former Chairman of the Modern Quilt Guild, was part of a team that brought the idea of Quiltcon to reality. We caught up with her in her temporary garage studio in Kansas City to find out about her life in textiles and the joys of QuiltCon.

Innsbruck's Christmas Markets

Innsbruck was made for Christmas. In this blog, we celebrate the city's magical Christmas markets




Singapores Supertrees

Supertree Grove is the iconic landmark of Singapore's award-winning oasis Gardens by the Bay. In 2006, international landscape architecture consultancy Grant Associates was appointed to masterplan the spectacular garden where these giant structures grow. We caught up with Founding Director Andrew Grant at the firm’s Bath office to find out more.

Greece is the word

We are delighted to announce the latest addition to our tempting menu of destinations is …. Greece! We have been fans for a long time, then Alexander Oliver joined the ECT Travel team bringing with him a degree in ancient – mostly Greek – history and even better, a lifelong connection to the country. We asked Alex to tell us more about that family history and share three of his favourite Greek destinations.

The Wonderful Wooden Bridge of Lucerne

Lucerne’s most recognisable landmark is the 170-meter-long covered wooden footbridge zig-zagging across the River Reuss. Read on to discover more about this medieval gem.

A Magical Holiday in Kerala

Terry travelled with us to Kerala & the magical Malabar Coast. We caught up with him when he returned to the UK to hear his holiday highlights.


Houstons Must Visit Museums

Houston is a vibrant and exciting city and its Museum District is one of America’s cultural highlights. There are 19 different institutions to choose from, all of which are worth visiting, but here are our top three:   

Steam train in the Austrian Tyrol

All aboard the Zillertalbahn! Breathe the smell of the coal, listen to the rhythmic hissing of the cylinders and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a bygone era!



Talking Textiles with Anne Kelly

Anne Kelly is an award-winning textile artist and author whose work is often inspired by travel. We sat down with her to find out more about how she tells layered, patched, stitched and embroidered stories of home and away.

CGH Earth - Red-Defining Luxury

The hotel group CGH Earth was founded on the idea of offering guests the opportunity to experience nature in its most pristine form. We caught up with the group’s founder and CEO Jose Dominic to find out more.



Saving the red panda in the eastern Himalayas

High in the Eastern Himalayan forests of the Singalila National Park lies Habres Nest, a research hub and wildlife tourism centre dedicated the conservation of the Red Panda. We spoke to its Director and Head Naturalist Shantanu Prasad to find out about his work and how the visitors who come to Habres Nest contribute to sustainable change.

Pegasushof Garden

Set beside the Noordoostpolder, the longest and most colourful bulb route in the Netherlands, is a beautiful private garden created by Jan and Elly Giesen. Named Pegasushof Garden, it is a beautiful celebration of spring.

Bath Christmas Market

Twinkling fairy lights, wooden chalets, the air heady with the scent of ginger and cloves - Bath's brilliant Christmas Market is not to be missed!


Five Fabulous Firsts for the City of Bath

Our home city of Bath is a double UNESCO World Heritage City, famed for its thermal waters, Roman remains, elegant Georgian architecture and association with the novelist Jane Austen. But the city has other things to boast about too – including five fascinating firsts.



EPM banner

The European Patchwork Meeting is one of our most favourite textile events. Here our tour guide - and keen quilter - Graham Parker, explains why this show is such an annual favourite. 




Meet Hilde van Schaardenburg

The Quilt Festival Noord Groningen is unique in the world. Here regular exhibitor Hilde van Schaardenburg explains, what makes it stand out. 



Herma de Ruiter

In this blog, quilter Herma de Ruiter talks about stipwerk, workshops and the sheer joy of making


Five minutes with Ben van Ooyen

The Gardens of Appeltern is Holland's biggest park for gardening ideas. We sat down with its inspiring founder Ben van Ooyen to find out more. 

Meet Nicholas Wylde, the Dazzling Jeweller of Bath

Bath is home to internationally renowned jeweller Nicholas Wylde, one of the few jewellers to have his own, unique, diamond cut. We caught up with him in his flagship store to talk about getting started, being a shop keeper and why diamonds are the stone of true love.

Bath's Pulteney Bridge

When it comes to languid strolling, there is nothing like a bridge and Bath is home to one of the most beautiful in the world.

Meet the Endemic Birds of St Lucia

Saint Lucia’s lush, vibrant landscapes, mountainous interiors, dense rainforests, and palm-fringed beaches are the ideal setting for bird watching. The island has six endemic species – the highest in the Eastern Caribbean region. Read on to meet them…



A Futuristic Funicular in Austria

Travel on a futuristic funicular in Austria

Glass Houses

Home to rare varieties of palm, azaleas and geraniums, The Royal Greenhouses at Laeken are a plant lovers delight, but they should be on every architectural fan’s bucket list too.

Talking Textiles with Kate Hebert

Kate Hebert is the Chief Curator of The American Museum & Gardens in Bath, home to one of the finest collections of quilts in the UK. We sat down with her in our home city to find out more.


Talking Textiles with quilter & tour guide Graham Parker

In this installment of our Talking Textiles series, we speak to our tour guide and very own quilter Graham Parker about how he got started, taking short cuts and the joy of quilting clubs




Five Minutes with NAFAS Chief Executive Steven Lane

As specialists in floristry holidays and travel, we are incredibly proud of our long-standing friendship and partnership with the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies – or NAFAS as it is known. We talked the organisation’s Chief Executive Steven Lane about why NAFAS matters.

TALKING FLOWERS with Colin Gray MD of Lavender Green Flowers

Renowned as one of London’s finest florists, Lavender Green Flowers has been creating innovative and imaginative floral artworks for weddings, parties and corporate events for more than 30 years. In this installment of our TALKING FLOWERS interview series, we spoke to Managing Director Colin Gray to find out more.

The story of a kantha quilt

In the second part of our TALKING TEXTILES conversation with author, photographer and Indian quilt expert Patrick J Finn, he told us the fascinating story behind the very first Kantha quilt he bought.

Talking Flowers with Myrtle Mee

In this edition of our Talking Flowers series, Emma Rees-Oliviere of Bath-based florist Myrtle Mee Flowers discusses her style, trends and the joys of having a high street shop

Talking Flowers with Sarah Wilson

In this instalment of our Talking Flowers interview series, we chatted with Sarah Wilson of Compton Garden Flowers about her life as a British flower farmer and florist

Talking Flowers with Robert Hornsby

In this Talking Flowers interview, we caught up with Robert Hornsby, Creative Director of In Water Flowers to find out more about the work of one of London’s most innovative wedding, event and corporate florists

Talking flowers with Justine Scouller

In this installment of our Talking Flowers series, we sat down with flower farmer and artisan florist Justine Scouller of Far Hill Flowers to talk about growing and working with organic cottage garden flowers

Block Printing in Bagru

This small village, 30km from Jaipur, has been associated with the art of block printing for over 400 years.



Celebrating the flora & fauna of New Zealand

New Zealand's many hours of sunshine and high rainfall give the country a lush and diverse flora, about 75% of which is unique. Read on to discover our top 10.



Quilting across Continents

Meet the Japanese quilt artist whose quilt of Bath took first prize at the International Quilt Festival, Houston 2019




Celebrating WAFA 2020

Here are some of our favourites images from from WAFA India 2020. Enjoy!



Wieliczka Salt Mine

Deep under the earth, 14km south of Krakow, the Wieliczka salt mine is one of the wonders of Poland. Dating back to the Middle Ages, this subterranean labyrinth of tunnels and chambers has morphed from an industrial plant at the heart of the Polish economy into a world-famous tourist attraction, event location and a health resort. Read on to discover 10 fascinating facts about this UNESCO World heritage site.

5 minutes with quilter Sarah Payne

Sarah Payne is a freelance quilting teacher, designer and TV demonstrator. We caught up with her while she was prepping samples for her next show to talk about her passion for fabric and the lure of the quilt festival.


Joy of Flowers

Tutor and award-winning floral designer Jo Smith spends her days “spreading the joy of flowers.” We caught up with her at Blooms of Borrowdale to talk inspiration, seasonality and workshopping with Belgian designers.

Great British Quilter

When Sarah Ashford isn't making quilts, she is writing, Instagramming and podcasting about them. We met up with her to find out more.



India Quilt Festival Chitra Mandanna

Textile artist Chitra Mandanna scooped five awards at the India Quilt Festival 2019. We caught up with her to find out more about her work and how it all began.


5 Minutes with Moniek Vanden Berghe

Belgian floral designer Moniek Vanden Berghe's spectacular natural floral displays have brought her international acclaim, while her workshops attract aspiring arrangers from all over the world. We asked her to tell us why she likes teaching, how she got started and to explain her love of weeds....

Glamour in Zagreb

The Esplanade Zagreb Hotel is one of the Croatian capital’s most famous and elegant buildings. First opened in April 1925, this 5* hotel has a fascinating - and rather glamorous -history.


5 Minutes with Atsushi Taniguchi

Internationally acclaimed floral artist Atsushi Taniguchi fell in love with flowers as a child. We caught up with him at his beautifully scented store in Paris to talk roses, workshops and the beauty of nature


Street Hawker Food

Singapore is famous for its street food - think the spicy noodle soup known as laksa, chicken rice and, of course, char kway teow, the smoky noodle stir fry that’s pretty much a national staple. Today these cheap and tasty dishes can be found in Hawker centres across the city, but hawker food has its roots in the itinerant food vendors of colonial Singapore.

Celebrating Quilts in Houston

Houston International Quilt Festival is one of the highlights of the international quilting calendar. Here we take a look some of our favourite textile artworks. 

5 minutes with Grace Meijer

Grace Meijer is a textile artist who exhibits at the Quilt Festival Noord Groningen. We asked her to tell us a bit about her work and why this festival is a must see

Secret Garden 1 Utama

Malaysian garden writer and award-winning blogger Elaine Yim is a fan of Kuala Lumpur’s Secret Garden 1-Utama. We asked her to tell us why she loves this hidden green gem.

Orchids in Singapore

Reputed to be the largest display of tropical orchids in the world, Singapore’s National Orchid Garden is home to over 60,000 orchid species and more than 2,000 hybrids. 


The Art of Kutch

If you are interested in embroidery, then the Kutch region of North Western India is the place for you



Like Shopping? Love Nantes!

If you like shopping, then you will love Nantes. Here are some top spots.


Shopping in Jaipur

The historic walled city of Jaipur is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, acclaimed not only for its extraordinary architectural heritage but also as ‘an exceptional example of a late medieval trade town’ and associations ‘with living traditions in the form of crafts that have national and international recognition.’ All of which means that the Pink City is a shopper’s paradise! 

Natural Singapore

The city of Singapore may be a global financial centre, but it is also filled with lush green spaces. Discover our top three



All Aboard the Himalayan Toy Train

Winding through 96km of breath taking landscape from India’s northern plains up to the hill town of Shimla, the Himalayan Toy Train is one of the world’s greatest train journeys.

Jaipur Patterns

Jaipur is a city of patterns. Here local resident, pattern book creator, architect, town planner and clothing brand founder Renu Bhagwat talks to us about her work, her city and her love of print and pattern

Annick Mertens' Floral Workshop Adventure

Annick Mertens is a master florist. We asked her to tell us how she got started and why workshops are so important to her practice.

Five Minutes with Blue Mountain Daisy

We caught up with Rachael 'Blue Mountain' Daisy to talk quilts, quilt shows, flowers and books


Five Minutes with NAFAS Chair Katherine Kear

Two months into her new role as Chair of the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies, we caught up with Katherine Kear – on Zoom of course – to ask about her life in flowers, the pleasures of teaching and her ambitions for the next two years.

Inspired by Constance

At 15, Susie Edwards received an invitation to travel to Australia with Constance Spry. We asked her to tell us how it came about and led her to spend a life in flowers

A Christmas Market Adventure in Austria

Natacha travelled with us on our Austrian Christmas Markets tour – and arrived home full of festive cheer. As we look forward to setting off the the twinkling towns again, we caught up with her to ask why she went and what she loved.


Discover Floriade 2022 with Winy Maas

Award-winning Dutch architect and urban planner Winy Maas, Founding Partner of MVRDV, is overseeing the development of Floriade Expo 2022. We caught up with him to find out more about this living laboratory where urbanism and nature meet.


Floral artist Liz Bishop of Junglebloom accompanied our 2018 tour to the Singapore Garden Festival and Malaysia.We asked her to share her highlights.


A Workshop with Annick Mertens

"I do teach lots of technical tricks and tips in my workshops," says Fleur Creatif designer Annick Mertens, "but they are also a time to for people to unwind surrounded by beautiful flowers, laugh together, work together and finally return home with a feeling of deep satisfaction." As you can see from the photographs, our group did all of that and more.

Pat Cherrett blog banner

Pat Cherrett has recently returned from a bespoke group tour to Ireland. We asked her to share her highlights.



5 minutes with Tour Manager Josef Scheerder

Our tour managers are at the heart of every ECT Travel holiday. We sat down with one of our longest serving TM’s, Josef Scheerder for an insight into life on tour.


5 minutes with astrid van den berg

Florist Astrid van den Berg has been running creative workshops as part of ECT's tours to the Netherlands for over a decade. We caught up with her to ask her how she got started and why she still loves teaching.

A Lesson in Floral Design

Our tour manager Ifor Griffith has just come back from a Beautifully British floral adventure in Lincolnshire with floral designer Jonathan Moseley. Here he tells us about taking part in his first floral workshop.

Flowers at Frans Hals Museum

Every Spring Haalem's Frans Hals Museum opens its galleries to leading floral designers - with spectacular results. We caught up with the Monique van Royen to find out more.

Inside Fleur Creatif

We caught up with Lieven Hemschoote, Managing Director of Fleur Creatif magazine’s publisher Rekad, to find out more about this fabulous floral publication

Private Workshops & People's Prizes

Eleanor Griffiths is a NAFAS member from Frodsham & District Evening Flower Club in Cheshire, an area judge and teacher of flower arranging. She has had a successful and inspiring summer, as we found out.

Inside a German Fleur Creatif Workshop Adventure

We caught up with the three Fleur Creatif designers and Nicola Fink, Press Officer of the German Florist Association, for an insight into their work, their inspirations and the special location of Florist Park

For the Love of Quilts Quilting Tours Quilter's Guild

Graham Parker is not only one of our most experienced tour managers, he is a keen quilter too – an interest that gives his tours a unique flavour. We caught up with him in his garden (complete with quilt!) to ask how he got started and why he loves quilt travel.

EPM blog

We asked one of the European Patchwork Meeting's biggest fans, Adge Secker to give us five reasons why this festival should be on everyone’s bucket list.


Yoga in Bali

Sarah Matthews has just returned from several weeks as a guest yoga teacher at the Spa Village Resort, Tembok.  We sat down with her to find out how she shares her love of yoga and why this tranquil 5* resort makes the perfect yoga space.

impressions of jaipur WAFA

Our CEO Theresa McDermott travelled to India on a research trip ahead of our incredible programme celebrating WAFA 2020. She was entranced by the historic,vibrant culture, beautiful sites and gracious hospitality.

Rose Romance in Singapore

The Flower Dome at Singapore's Gardens by the Bay is the largest glass greenhouse in the world, and in early summer it is full of roses





Flowers at the Mauritshuis

2022 is the 200th anniversary of the Mauritshuis Museum. The celebrations begin, rather fittingly, with an exhibition dedicated to flowers. We asked the show’s curator Ariane van Suchtelen, to tell us more.

Floral banner

Young Florist of the Year Kay Willis shares her impressions of her floral adventure in the Netherlands travelling with ECT; seeing live flower auctions, visiting Dutch flower growers and enjoying a floral workshop.

Tales from a Floral Workshop Adventure

Linda Smith, NAFAS Area Demonstrator and independent teacher, has just come back from our Fleur Creatif Workshop Adventure. She talked to us about working with test tubes and the lure of European floral design.




Simon Smith blog

What makes a good tour great? Tour organiser Simon Smith gives his top tips.

Horti blog

Assistant gardener and horticultural student Shaun Ward travelled with us to the Netherlands. He talked to us about planting schemes, production lines and miles and miles of tulips....


Nantes blog

Quiltmania's renowned showcase of all things patchworked, quilted, embroidered and knitted is an ECT favourite. Here's a flavour of one of our the tours in pictures:


Going Round in Circles with Herma de Ruiter

Life-long quilter Herma de Ruiter took her textile art project Going Round in Circles to Quilt Festival Noord Groningen 2023. We  asked her to tell us more.


Recharging in Bali Blog

There's something special about Bali, a gentle spirituality and a barely perceptible shift in time that takes you back to a more tranquil time. No wonder then that we’ve chosen it as the location for our luxurious new wellness breaks.  

Michael Bowyer Travels

Fresh from his hugely successful tour to WAFA India 2020, NAFAS President-elect Michael Bowyer MBE teamed up with us  on a tour to discover the glorious gardens of Ireland in springtime. We caught up with him on the phone from his home in Salisbury to discover more.

A Sensational Sustainable Holiday in the Swiss Alps

We are committed to creating fabulous holidays that are good for both people and planet and our newly opened holiday to the Swiss village of Arosa delivers on every level.



Inside IQF

The second edition of the India International Quilt Festival opened in January 2023. We spoke to Varsha Sundararajan, one of the three founders, about the festival’s origins and India’s age-old quilting tradition.



Natural Asia

In this blog we celebrate three of Asia's greenest locations


5 reasons to visit Floralia Brussels Floristry Tours

Floralia Brussels is a spectacular annual exhibition of spring flowers set in a park surrounding the 17th century Castle of Groot-Bijgaarden, a few kilometres outside the Belgian capital. We bring you five reasons why everyone should visit. 


Fabulous Floriade

We spoke to one of the Floriade's fans Sarah Hills-Ingyon, Chair of UK Floristry Judges Guild, about why this once-in-a-decade expo is a must-visit for floristry and horticultural students.



Fleuramour Alden Biesen

Fleuramour has been a highlight of our tour programme for many years. Here Judith Blacklock, founder of the eponymous school and Fleur Créatif's UK Editorial Advisor, explains what makes this Belgian show so special.

Jana Sterbova blog

Contemporary quilt artist Jana Štěrbová is Managing Director of the Prague Patchwork Meeting, the international textile exhibition she helped to found in 2005. 


five minutes with Brian Dykhuizen

Brian Dykhuizen is a contemporary textile artist, based in the United States. His beautiful, abstract quilts are a celebration of colour, design and stitching. One of his latest creations showed at the European Patchwork Meeting 2023. We caught up with him to find out more. 

Five minutes with Niek Roozen, the landscape architect at the heart of Floriade 2022

We talked to the landscape architect Niek Roozen about planting 2,500 trees, alphabetical perennials and his pioneering green city philosophy