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Old Friends, New Beginnings…

As specialists in floristry holidays and travel, we are proud of our long-standing friendship and partnership with the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies (NAFAS). For over fifteen years, we have provided expertly curated tours to some of the world's most exciting global floristry events both for clubs wishing to travel as a group and individual members who like to travel with like-minded people

We believe in the continued legacy of NAFAS, its importance in spreading knowledge, joy, friendship, and beauty. NAFAS is a ‘national treasure’ to celebrate and safeguard for future generations. It is for these reasons that we are delighted to have renewed our partnership and look forward to new beginnings of sharing our love of travel and flower friendship.


Florilegium, a Gathering of Flowers - NAFAS National Show at Gloucester Cathedral May 2023

Theresa and Graham had such a wonderful time catching up with so many floral friends and seeing amazing displays. It was a marvellous event and we look forward to seeing you at the next NAFAS National Show. 


Theresa Nationoal Show


Graham National Show


Floral Display



Theresa Nationoal Show


Graham National Show


National show Floral Display


Graham Parker - Tour Ambassador on selected floral adventures.

Graham has missed spending time with our NAFAS friends and will now be appearing on a selected number of floral related tours as a Tour Ambassador. This year Graham will be joining Fleuramour, Alden Biesen, and is looking forward to seeing you and having lots of 'floral conversations'. Why not come along? 

We always look forward to welcoming a NAFAS member on any one of our travel experiences. 


Fleuramour Alden Biesen 2023


The Land of Merlin: Gardens of Cornwall, a NAFAS tour with Katherine Kear

Cornwall, England

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