How has Brexit affected healthcare coverage?

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Brexit Health Information  Travelling to Europe from the UK


Changes to travelling to the EU and accessing healthcare with Brexit

Following Britain's departure from the European Union on 1st January 2021, there have been important changes to healthcare coverage.

  • People applying for EHIC cards will now be issued with a UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC)
  • Existing EHICs will remain valid in the EU until they expire
  • Please be aware that the EHIC/GHIC is not an alternative to travel insurance and it is important that you have both a valid EHIC/GHIC and a comprehensive travel insurance policy that includes healthcare in place before you travel.
  • Some insurers may insist that you hold a valid EHIC/GHIC
  • If you are visiting Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland from 1st January 2021, GHICs and most UK EHICs will no longer cover you therefore you should make sure you have travel insurance with health cover and check the GOV.UK travel advice. 

For more information, please visit NHS EHIC application website