Virtual Chats with Graham

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Virtual Drinkes with Graham Parker ECT Tour Manager


Graham Parker has been working with ECT for over twenty years and is one of our most loved and adored tour managers.

He is also a great font of knowledge with many memorable experiences to share so, while travel was on hold during lockdown, Theresa took the opportunity to sit down and talk to him on Zoom about some of his favourite destinations and the highlights of his many years travelling with us and with you. And what a treat it was! So much so that we have now put the recordings up on line for you to enjoy at your leisure. Each one lasts about an hour, so pour yourself a drink - or a make a cuppa - sit back and relax.

Graham on The Netherlands

Graham talks with Theresa about all things wonderful to see and do in The Netherlands

Graham on Belgium 

Theresa and Graham take you around Belgium and the many fabulous gardens, floral events, cities and chocolate boutiques that are there to be discovered and enjoyed


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