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Escorted Tour to Paudcah from UK, Quilt Captial of USA #Paducah Kentucky  April 24–27 2024 American Quilt Show 2024 Holiday


One of the world's UNESCO Creative Cities, the Kentucky city of Paducah is known across the world for its rich traditions in quilting and fibre arts.  


Red Cardinal Bird in Kentucky - visiting Paducah in Kentucky for Quilt Tour

And there's music and history too ... the tour also includes a visit to Nashville, Tennessee, the national capital of country music and home of the infamous Grand Ole Opry, and three days in Washington DC for a tour of National landmarks, including The White House and Capitol Hill. 

This tour programme is filled with textile treats, including guided visits to the internationally renowned National Quilt Museum, two days at the inspirational AQS Quilt Week Paducah, and the chance to follow the state's fascinating Quilt Barn Trail.  



National Quilt Museum USA Kentucky - visiting Paducah in Kentucky for Quilt Tour


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Capital Hill Washington DC USA Quilt Tour to America Spring 2022

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National Quilt Museum UK  to Paducah for Quilt Festival 2023

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Nashville is wicked. It’s like a proper music community, but it’s also quintessentially American. You bump into people there with cowboy hats that spit in jars and call you ‘boy.’ I just love that.

Ed Sheeran

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Nashville Greats of Country Music _ Tour to Nashville and Paducah 2023
Nashville Countryside_ Quilt Tour to Paducah for Quilt Festival 2023

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Quilt Tour, Travel from UK to Paducah for AQS Quilt Festival 2022

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Nashville Country Music Hall of Fame USA
National Quilt Collection Smithsonian Washington DC  to Paducah for Quilt Festival 2022
Tennessee countryside USA Quilt Tour 2022

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Nashville Grand Ole Opry Tour

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NashvilleTour from UK  to Paducah for Quilt Festival 2022
Travel to Bluegrass country USA Kentucky - visiting Paducah in Kentucky for Quilt Tour
Music in Nashville _ Quilt Tour to Paducah for Quilt Festival 2022
The White House Travel from the  UK  to Paducah for Quilt Festival 2022

A Deeper Dive

Smithsonian Museum of American History National Quilt Collection

The National Museum of American History is home to over 1.8 million objects and more than three shelf-miles of archival collections, making it the greatest single collection of American history in the world. Highlights include the original Star-Spangled Banner, Abraham Lincoln’s top hat, the first computer bug, the first artificial heart, Dizzy Gillespie’s angled trumpet and Dorothy’s ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz.

With a mission to empower people to create a just and compassionate future by exploring, preserving, and sharing the complexity of the nation’s past, the exhibitions explore fundamental American ideals and ideas such as democracy, opportunity, and freedom, as well as major themes in American history and culture, from European contact in the Americas to the present day. At the heart of the museum is a deeply moving exhibition on that most iconic artifact, ‘The Star-Spangled Banner, The Flag that Inspired the National Anthem.’ 

National Quilt Collection Smithsonian Washington DC

Part of the museum’s Division of Home and Community Life's Textile Collection, the National Quilt Collection contains more than 400, mainly American, quilts and quilt-related items. As well as offering a fascinating insight into the history of American quilt-making, the collection also illustrates the many social, cultural, technological, and economic influences affecting quilts made and used in America and contributes to the illumination of American life, family, community, and country.

Watch this short film for a taste of what you will see

Highlights of Washington DC

The U.S. state capital, Washington DC is renowned for its history, museums, and government buildings, but it is also a charming east coast city nestled along the Potomac River. Here are some must-sees for you free time in the city

Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Washington  USA Quilt Tour to America 2022


The Martin Luther King Jr: Memorial. Commemorating the civil rights campaigner’s influence in American history, the memorial stands 9-meters tall and is beautifully decorated with inspirational quotes carved into the wall behind him. 
Ford’s Theatre. The infamous site of President Abraham Lincoln’s assassinated on 14th April 1865. The theatre has been preserved to look very much the way it did that fateful night and The President’s Box, where the assassination occurred, is still decorated just as it was in 1865. The theatre offers museum exhibits, performances, and tours. In the museum, you’ll see several artefacts related to the assassination, including the very gun used to kill the President.

Vietnam memorial Washington DC  UK  to Paducah for Quilt Festival 2022

Vietnam Veterans Memorial: Or "the Wall," as it's commonly referred to. This long black granite wall is emblazoned the names of more than 58,000 Americans who perished during the Vietnam War. When you're wandering along the eastern side of the mall, venture to the Korean War Veterans Memorial. Paying tribute to the 1.5 million who served in "The Forgotten War," this privately funded site contains 19 stainless steel statues of soldiers in combat. In a triangular area known as the Field of Service, soldier statues march toward an American flag. Next to the soldiers is a 164-foot-long granite wall that pays homage to the unnamed troops that fought in the Korean War. Another highlight of the memorial is the Pool of Remembrance, a tranquil place for reflection. 

United States Holocaust Museum: This sobering museum focuses on the atrocities of the Holocaust during World War II. When you enter, you will be given an identification card with the name and personal information of an actual person who experienced the Holocaust and, as you move through the exhibits – Hitler's rise to power, anti-Semitic propaganda, the horrors of the Final Solution – you'll be given updates on your person's well-being.

National Gallery of Art: A real treat for art lovers of all kinds, the East Building houses the gallery's more modern works (think Henri Matisse and Mark Rothko), while the West Building, which contains the collection's older works (from Sandro Botticelli to Claude Monet), this museum is a treat for art lovers. The adjacent Sculpture Garden contains work by modern masters such as Marc Chagall, Joan Miro, and Louise Bourgeoise.

National Cathedral Washington DC

The Washington National Cathedral: Work first began on this massive cathedral - the sixth-largest in the world – began in 1907, but it wasn't completed until 1990. Designed in the Gothic style, it has an extraordinary Gargoyle Tower, and intricate glass-stained windows.  Another highlight is the cathedral's Gargoyle Tour. 
Eastern Market. This lively market offers food, drinks, crafts, unique gifts, and music and has been a neighbourhood hub for over 136 years. 

Adams Morgan District: The heart of this multicultural neighbourhood district is 18th Street. Take a stroll and admire the quirky murals, artisan cafés, and independent bookshops. The district also contains DCs happening nightlife scene and almost every street is lined with eclectic eateries, buzzing bars, live music venues, and countless international restaurants.  

United States National Arboretum: Located northeast of downtown Washington, D.C., the United States National Arboretum is best known for the National Capitol Columns, which originally decorated the Capitol building, and its bonsai collection. The area’s bonsai trees sit in the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum, which boasts an astounding 300 miniature trees that staff members rotate through the museum’s three pavilions and special exhibits gallery. The arboretum also has a wonderful collection of plants and trees ranging from dogwoods to azaleas to magnolias and offers plenty of walking trails through the various gardens. 

Tidal Basin Washington DC

Tidal Basin: This 2-mile-long pond, once attached to the Potomac River, is the backdrop to three iconic DC memorials - the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial and the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial but is also a springtime treat as the cherry blossom trees gifted to D.C. from Tokyo bloom into candyfloss-coloured tufts. You can follow the path that leads around the basin or rent a paddle boat and see them from the water. You can hire them every day from the boat dock near Maine Avenue. 

Barn Quilt  Tour from UK  to Paducah for Quilt Festival 2022

America has a rich quilting tradition, and that tradition is celebrated in a wonderful rural tradition known as ‘Barn Quilts’. These geometric designs, hand painted onto wooden squares and hung on the outside of barns and buildings, resemble a single block from a quilt, and are often patterned after a family heirloom sewed long ago. With names such as Bears Paw, Pineapple Log Cabin, Country Decision and Sunburst, these ‘quilts’ represent, in their own way, the identity of the farmer and their family and tell a fascinating visual story of the lives of the local people. 
We will take you along a stretch of the Appalachian Quilt Trail, which stretches some 300 miles across 19 counties and boasts more than 130 beautiful quilt barns. 

Quilt Trail Holiday  USA Quilt Tour to America 2022


National Quilt Museum, Paducah

Founded in 1991 by quilting enthusiasts Bill and Meredith Schroeder to celebrate the work of today’s quilters, the National Quilt Museum contains more than 650 quilts made in, or after, 1980, making it one of the best collections of contemporary quilts in the world.

To find out more about this must-visit quilting treasure box, tune in to our interview with the Museum’s CEO Frank Bennett

National Quilt Museum Kentucky, Quilt Tour, Travel from UK to Paducah for AQS Quilt Festival 2022

QuiltBarnTrail _ Tour to Nashville and Paducah 2022

A designated UNESCO City of Culture, Paducah’s significant American heritage can be traced to the city's strategic location at the confluence of the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers. Here are some must-visits for your free time.

Paducah Floodwall Murals Tour from UK  to Paducah for Quilt Festival 2022

The Floodwalls Murals:  Separating the historic downtown district and the river's edge, the floodwalls are adorned with 50 multi-coloured murals depicting a bright picture of Paducah's storied past. 

William Clark Market House Museum: Made to resemble a 19th-century drugstore, this museum tells the history of Paducah from 1905. 
River Discovery Centre. This hands-on museum highlights the heritage and importance of the surrounding Four Rivers Basin, including the water’s role in the Civil War.

Paducah Railroad Museum: Diving into the rich locomotive history that helped define the city, exhibits include a Train Simulator that allows visitors to feel what it's like to guide a train down the tracks. 

River Discovery Centre  Tour from UK  to Paducah for Quilt Festival 2022

River Discovery Centre: This hands-on museum highlights the heritage and importance of the surrounding Four Rivers Basin, including the water’s role in the Civil War.

Lloyd Tilghman & Civil War Museum:  Housed in an 1852 Greek Revival home once belonging to General Lloyd Tilghman of the CSA, this quaint, historic residence, contains many artifacts and displays describing Kentucky's role in the Civil War. Antique firearms, soldier uniforms, original correspondence, and a look into the life of a decorated Civil War General all provide an immersive visit into the past.

Historic Downtown: The beating heart of this creative city, this area is home to numerous galleries, museums, independent shops, bars, cafes, and restaurants. The landmark at the heart of it all is the 1905 Market House, formerly an open-air venue for meat and produce vendors. Local producers are now featured at the Farmers Market, but Market House Square carries forward this history with ten restaurants, coffee shops and dessert boutiques.


Paducah Kentucky


Nashville Mural Tour from UK to Paducah for Quilt Festival 2022

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