NAFAS National Show at Gloucester Cathedral May 2023

We have started to plan for your visit to Gloucester for the NAFAS National Show, which will be held at the magnificent Cathedral from 12th – 13th May 2023.

NAFAS National Shows offer you the chance to catch up with friends while enjoying inspiring floral displays, and an extensive program of demonstrations, talks, competitions.

NAFAS LOGO NAFAS tour to Gloucester for National Show May 2023

ECT has enjoyed a long association with NAFAS and we are delighted to be  the preferred travel partner for this event

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Competing for NAFAS National Show 2023




NAFAS National Show May 12 - 14 2023

2023 will be NAFAS 64th Anniversary!

We believe in the continued legacy of NAFAS, its importance in spreading knowledge, joy, friendship, and beauty. NAFAS is a ‘national treasure’ to celebrate and safeguard for future generations. We always look forward to the National Shows as they exemplify NAFAS pre-eminence in inspiring people from all over the UK to share their love of flowers and creating with them. 


NAFAS National Flower Arrangement Societies travel with ECT Travel  National Show May 12 - 14 2023

Don’t miss out on updates – Register to receive news!

We will be posting updates on the tour options we will be offering and the show’s programme. Please sign up to receive information as we plan.  We also welcome you to reach out to us, should you wish to put together a bespoke group tour. 


When is NAFAS National Show?  Garlands at the National Show Gloucester 2023

Our Flexible Options 

We will be offering an array of flexible options for groups and individuals who may wish to travel independently.  For Area flower clubs that may wish to travel altogether by coach, we can take care of all the arrangements, include local pick-up points so no one misses out, and add custom options to include visits en-route.


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Planning makes perfect

We go to great lengths in finding the right accommodation and we have already started!  Using our expertise and skills we select hotel options, ensuring the rooms and setting are of an excellent standard, and location convenient to the event.  

If you are an Area Chair or wish to start planning a group tour from your Area, we suggest you get in touch as soon as possible. It is best to plan ahead, and we can certainly assist to make this an easier process for you.  

We can set up an on online booking portal for your Area to make the process of capturing interest and payments easy for everyone,  and being online it is available 24 hours a day!  We can also share Social Media posts you might want to put out that link to your custom tour page.


NAFAS National Show 2023  May 12 -14 2023 Gloucester Cathedral

Our finesse at negotiating a great deal, means you benefit

With tremendous experience and years of working with hotels all over the world, we are proud of our finesse at always getting the best deal – this means you benefit!  We work closely with the hotel staff to ensure all is ready for your visit, welcoming you, offering exceptional service and hospitality



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What are the dates for NAFAS National Show at Gloucester Cathedral

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