Inspiring Tours for Floristry Students

Our two decades in the floral travel trade has allowed us to develop unique relationships with suppliers, growers, institutions and hotels and we are able to use these contacts to create flexible tour programmes that will enhance your students' experience. 

We recommend that colleges start to plan their spring tours a year in advance so that we can create programmes and prepare brochures ready for the September intake. 

The Netherlands


The annual Keukenhof festival of seven million spring-flowering bulbs is one of the world’s most spectacular floral events. Students will be able explore over 80 acres of parkland planted with extraordinary displays of anemones, daffodils, freesias, hyacinths and 800 different types of tulips and also visit exhibition pavilions showcasing exciting new varieties and innovative examples of floral artistry. (Please note, Keukenhof is open seasonally. The dates for 2018 are Thursday 22nd March – Monday 21st May.) Flora Holland Auctions are a key part of the floriculture business and with 20 million flowers moving through its halls every day, Flora Holland is the largest in the world. We can offer students the opportunity to visit this famous auction and experience the buzz and excitement of the international flower trade first hand. (We recommend visiting on a Monday morning when the auction is at its bustling best.) Dillewijn Zwapak Formally known as Basics & Trends, this leading floral accessories wholesaler is THE place to discover the latest trends in floral artistry. Students will have the opportunity to buy a wide range of floristry products, many of which are so new they haven’t yet reached the UK market.


We have unique access to a wide network of specialist flower growers and can arrange private visits to farms and nurseries including Meijer Roses, growers of the amazing Avalanche Roses; orchid experts Anco Pure Vanda, home of the beautiful Vanda orchids and Lisianthus Nursery, Montana Lisianthus. These fascinating trips allow students to see first-hand how some of the flowers they will encounter and use in floral displays are actually grown.


We have been bringing floristry students to meet celebrated florist Astrid Van den Berg at the renowned Van den Berg Greenhouses for over a decade and her workshops and demonstrations never fail to inspire.



Each spring the streets of Girona fill with colour and scent as the city hosts its annual flower festival, Girona Temps de Flors. Displayed right across the city's historic centre and medieval Jewish quarter, the hundred or so exquisite floral creations will be an invaluable source of inspiration for floristry students. 

This three night trip includes a unique two hour overview walking tour of the event with a local guide.