Our floral educational tours have been created to take students to the centre of the flower industry, The Netherlands.  We have flexible options and are able to make a tailored itinerary that best suits your travelling dates and interests.  

Our options include visiting Keukenhof, Floral Holland, floral wholesalers, flower growers and having a floral workshop and/or floral demonstration.  We also have the option to travel off-peak season, giving students the benefit of having an affordable package with exciting visits and excursions throughout.  

Keukenhof - an annual floral spring spectacle 

Dates have now been confirmed for 2018 for Keukenhof: Thursday 22nd March - Monday 21st May 

This is a chance for students to see this amazing annual floral event, a spectacle of flowering bulbs planted on a grand scale. Hundreds of varieties of flowering bulbs are on display and can be seen when wandering through the parkland and visiting the exhibition pavilions that showcase new floral varieties and floral artistry. 


Student in Keukenhof




tulips keukenhof

A visit to the hustle and bustle of the flower auctions at Flora Holland is an experience always  greatly enjoyed.  The largest flower auction in the world, a visit to Floral Holland gives students the chance to be a part of  the buzz and excitement of the floriculture business, whilst observing the live buying and selling of plants and flowers.  Following on from the auction, students have the opportunity to find inspiration at Dillewijn Zwapak (Formally known as Basics & Trends), a leading wholesaler of the very best and latest in accessories for floral artistry - many of the items they offer not having yet reached the UK market.


Add visits to flower growers:

There is also the chance to visit leading specialist growers, such as rose grower, Meijer Roses, growers of the amazing Avalanche Roses,  orchid experts Anco Orchidee - home of the beautiful Vanda orchids, or Lisiantus Nursery, Montana Lisianthus.  Here students learn first hand how some of the flowers they will encounter and use in floral displays are grown from point of origin. (Please ask us about other growers to whom we can arrange visits.)


Flora Holland


students in Anco


olij Rozen


Floral Workshops, Courses & Demonstrations in Holland and Belgium for Floristry Students

Astrid Van den Berg

A highlight for floristry students is a visit to the Van den Berg Greenhouses for a demonstration with celebrated florist, Astrid Van den Berg.  We have been bringing floral students to Astrid's amazing studio for over ten years and all those who visit enjoy the warmest welcome.  Astrid is able to provide a demonstration and also offers a 2½ hour workshop with all materials provided, including packing material for the students to bring back designs, along with a certificate signed by Astrid.  

Workshops can be arranged around a specific theme or brief, or alternatively, Astrid can provide her own suggestions for this.  Her workshops are an incredible and valuable learning experience to students studying floristry; they gain much practical insight and confidence doing the floral workshop and they are also great fun! 


astrid with student


lovely shop of Astrid


students on the Workshop

NEW AT VAN DEN BERG GREENHOUSES:  All students who take part in a workshop with Astrid will be presented by a signed certificate.

READ MORE about Astrid's amazing studio and inspiring workshops


Moniek Vanden Berghe

Visit Moniek Vanden Berghe at her studio, Cleome, in Belgium.  Exclusive to tours in March 2016 - please call  early to discuss a specific date.

We are very excited to introduce a visit to the studio of the internationally acclaimed floral artist, Moniek Vanden Berghe.  Students will be welcomed to her studio, Cleome, for a two hour demonstration including a lunch with Moniek.  The informal and intimate setting of her studio gives students a unique chance to see this florist of the international stage up close. 


Workshop with Moniek Vanden Berghe


Moniek Vanden Berghe


Workshop with Moniek Vanden Berghe 

Off Peak Travel: affordable floristry courses and workshops tours in Holland

KeukenhofWe offer an off peak/affordable tour to The Netherlands, travelling between February through til March with prices starting from £205*pp. This comprehensive tour gives floristry students the chance to experience and gain insight into the floral industry.  Travelling off-peak will reward you with the benefit of a saving in cost. (prices are based on 40 passengers travelling).   


Discover vibrant cities in Europe with your floristry courses

These floral educational tours include optional visits to cities in Netherlands and Belgium like Amsterdam, Ghent or Bruges.


houses of seven countries in Amsterdam


World famous museums, winding canals and legacies of the 17th century Golden Age.




A beautiful and historic 'chocolate box' city with a stunning medieval centre. 




Another Flemish beauty with medieval architecture, museums and culinary traditions.  


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