Talking Textiles with international artists, experts and enthusiasts

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We talk with international textile artists, experts and enthusiasts

Welcome to our series of textile-themed interviews. Over the next few weeks, we will be speaking to artists, experts and enthusiasts, asking them to share their knowledge, to tell us about their practice and to talk about the lasting draw of textiles, old and new  And as an extra bonus, we have also made a series of short films in which they share their passion for a particular textile artwork.  

The series begins with Patrick J Finn, author, photographer and Indian quilt expert

Click the boxes below to read about Patrick's passion for Indian quilts and discover the story of the first kantha quilt he ever bought


Talking Textiles with Patrick Finn


Kantha India Quilt

Watch Patrick talking about Kantha quilts here, in an excerpt taken from his film The Quilt Genres of India: then and now


In the second of our thread-themed interview series, we Zoomed with award-winning textile artist and author Anne Kelly

Click the box below to find out more about how she tells layered, patched, stitched and embroidered stories of home and away

Talking Textiles with Anne Kelly

Watch Anne talking about her quilt, Maudie's House in the short film below


In the third interview of our Talking Textiles series, we speak to our exclusive tour guide and very own quilter Graham Parker

Click the box below to read about how he got started, his attitude to taking short cuts and the joy of quilting clubs

talking textiles with Graham Parker

Watch Graham tell the story of his Toltec quilt in this short film


In the fourth interview of our Talking Textiles series, we speak to Frank Bennett, CEO of the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky, home to one of the best collections of contemporary quilts in the world


Click the box below to discover more about this inspiring museum and how it is helping to promote, preserve and change perceptions of this phenomenal art formTalking Textiles with Frank Bennett, CEO of the National Quilt Museum


In the fifth interview of this fascinating series, we talked to Kate Hebert, Chief Curator of The American Museum & Gardens in our home city of Bath, and home to one of the finest quilt collections in the UK. 

Click below to read all about it

Talking Textiles with Kate Hebert