WAFA2020 - The Countdown Begins

WAFA2020 The Countdown Begins

With only six months to go until WAFA2020, and just days until registration closes, we caught up with the show’s President Kavita Poddar to find out more about the Grand Floral Affair

Indian flowers

ECT: What can visitors expect to see at the Grand Floral Affair?

KP: It promises to be a grand show of the myriad colours and cultural diversity of India and will be bringing together floral enthusiasts from around the world. The Awards ceremony will be followed by a special Floral holi experience by a group from Vrindavan.

ECT: There’s a programme of demonstrations – can you give us a flavour of what’s planned?

KP: We have three main demonstrations, each showcasing India’s unique culture. The demonstrations will be multi-sensory and immersive experiences designed to provide a glimpse of India through flowers and much more and will all be conducted by local artisans and craftsmen who are masters of their craft. We have The Royal Indian Wedding, a celebration of the luxurious floral art used in wedding ceremonies, Phool Bangla (The House of Flowers), which looks at the elaborate flower decorations made in the temples to give respite to the lord from the heat, and Unity in Diversity, which focuses on rich and varied beauty of India’s four primary regions. Alongside these, we are also planning mini-demonstrations and talks by experts on various aspects of India, its heritage, our local art and craft, flowers, food and textiles.



ECT: Are there workshops too?

KP: Yes, there are three workshops where you can learn to make handmade paper, a traditional Bandhanwar (door hanging) and floral jewellery.

ECT: Do visitors need to buy tickets to these events?

KP: Yes, and visitors must also pre-register in order to buy a ticket. All the details are on our website, wafaindia.com - just go to the registration section. The deadline for registration is 31st August 2019.

ECT: The vendors market is going to be a big attraction too – what can visitors expect to discover there?

India craft


KP: The vendors market has been specially curated to showcase India’s craft and vibrant culture. There will be over 100 stalls selling everything from artefacts to jewellery and clothing from right across the country, with price ranges to suit every pocket.

There’s more to come too, so please follow WAFA India on Facebook and Instagram to get more such updates on what we have planned for you!