A Tropical Celebration of Flowers & Gardens

Singapore Garden Festival

The Singapore Garden Festival (SGF) has established itself as one of the most important flower and garden shows in the world. Blooming into life every two years, this celebration of botanical creativity brings together award-winning landscape and garden designers, florists, and horticulturists from across the globe. As the Head Judge for SGF Pascal Garbe says, “Singapore Garden Festival has established itself as a must-attend event, not only because it takes place in a tropical environment, but also because it brings together the la crème de la crème of the industry!”

Located at the vast Suntec Singapore convention centre, SGF is an indoor event. Not only does this means plants, flowers and visitors are protected from the heat, humidity and afternoon showers of Singapore, but it also allows the designers to make the most of artificial lighting, resulting in some truly breathtaking displays. 

Dmitry Turcan
Dmitry Turcan, Best in Show 2018  Photo by Denis Bradley, courtesy Fusion Flowers


Glorious Gardens

The Gold medal winning gardens certainly would have been awarded gold at Chelsea Flower Show, Bob Sweet, SGF Judge

SGF celebrates gardens in all their glorious variety. The latest horticultural design principles, skills and planting concepts are on display in the Best of Show Designer Gardens, while the Balcony Gardens prove that small spaces are no barrier to horticultural beauty. There is also an area dedicated to Fantasy Gardens where designers allow their imaginations to fly.

Treasure Box Garden by Inch Lim Singapore Garden Festival
Treasure Box Garden by Inch Lim


Fabulous Floral Design

The Floral Windows to the World competition, showcasing extraordinary feats of floral creativity, has been a key highlight ever since SGF first launched in 2006. Alison Bradley, editor-in-chief of Fusion Flowers and a former SGF judge, and is a huge fan. "The organisers are meticulous in inviting designers from around the world - 2018’s edition included entries from Austria, Azerbaijan, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Republic of Korea, Romania, Spain as well as Singapore," she explains, "so there's always an interesting mix of approaches and, rather than having to pay to attend, the selected exhibitors are given a budget to create their five metre Floral Window. That makes a huge difference and means designers are able to do things they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do.

“And the standard of the competition is very high; it’s hard to win a medal. The main criterion is that at least 40% of each design must be made from fresh flowers, but there are many others too and, if the exhibitors fall short in any area, the judging panel will deduct marks. It sounds tough, but it means that the Singapore Garden Festival has grown to become one of the most important floral design competitions in the world.”

Richard Mock

Richard Mock, Silver. Photo by Denis Bradley, courtesy Fusion Flowers

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