Meet Nicholas Wylde - the Dazzling Jeweller of Bath

Meet Nicholas Wylde, the Dazzling Jeweller of Bath

Bath is home to internationally renowned jeweller Nicholas Wylde, one of the few jewellers to have his own, unique diamond cut. We caught up with him in his flagship store to talk about getting started, being a shop keeper and why diamonds are the stone of true love.

Nicholas Wylde jeweller Bath

ECT: When did you first become interested in jewellery, and why?

NW: At the age of 12. My father had a stationary business in the jewellery quarter of Birmingham and one day they knocked down a row of old workshops. In the days of no health and safety, I walked over the building site and discovered a hall of beautiful gems. I thought I was rich, but they all turned out to be glass!

I was lucky to be introduced into the wonderful world of jewellery by my father and all his connections and my parents persuaded me to join to the Birmingham School of Jewellery for three years rather than go to London and become an architect. The rest is history. I am in a beautiful trade that I’m so passionate about and where my creative drive can flow from unique fine jewellery to bold Wylde Art 

ECT: You are a jewellery retailer as well as a designer/maker. Why did you want to have a shop?

NW: Retail has been in both sides of my family. Jewellery is one of a few creative trades where you can see the item right through the making process, from initial sketch to finished product. With a retail store with workshops on the premises, you see that whole process plus the best part of all, presenting the unique item to the client and seeing their wonderful reaction. Most jewellery is purchased or designed for a special occasion, with a journey or story – sad or happy – behind it. It’s wonderful to be part of that. 

Nicholas Wylde jeweller Bath shop

ECT: Tell us a bit about your shop at 12 Northumberland Place in Bath

NW: I was 23 when I first opened the store and the window display consisted of 12 rings. Next year will be our 35th anniversary. I set out to stand out from the crowd, to bring creative and unique jewellery to my clients and to give a professional yet relaxed service. My moto is, “if we can’t do it then no one can.”  We also have been at the forefront of technology, always investing in the business and the staff. Over the years we have won two national awards, including ‘Best Jewellery Retailer’ award for the whole of the UK, which I’m extremely proud of and we work very hard to make sure we maintain that achievement. 

ECT: You have created your own diamond cut – tell us about how that came about and what makes this cut unique

NW: The Wylde Flower Diamond® was born in 2012. Since launching the Wylde brand in 1987 my goal was to have my own cut of diamond, but very few jewellers in the world have one and the cost and commitment are huge. I kept pushing for this as selling a diamond that millions of other stores sell was not what I was about. The dream came to reality for my 25th anniversary when I linked up with a cutter in Antwerp and we designed this amazing round diamond which not only sparkles like no other round diamond, but also looks bigger to the eye due to the amazing refection. The beauty about this stone is that we have faceted a unique flower onto the base of the stone which you can see through the ‘table’ [the flat, square-shaped facet on the top of the stone].

This has to be the best romantic diamond on the market. The diamond has been patented and recognised as a cut by one of the world’s largest certification companies, IGI. To date there are only 765 Wylde Flower Diamonds ® in the world. I have No1, my wife has the 100th and I have an order in for the 1000th. It is cut from 0.25ct, with the largest (at the moment) being 3.65ct. I would love to see this wonderful cut of diamond be the stone for many special romantic occasions. 

Nicholas Wylde jeweller Bath diamond

ECT: What do you think is the romantic gem and why?

NW: Why it has to be the Wylde Flower Diamond® because diamonds and flowers together are just perfect! Some people may say chocolate and diamonds, but I could always cut a beautiful brown diamond into a Wylde Flower Diamond®. We are part of the lovely journey of many romantic clients every year. It’s so important to make the moment enjoyable and memorable.

And with spring in the air, it’s the perfect season to plan for a summer engagement. Being in Bath we are very lucky to have a flow of couples who want something unique for the special moment. Bath has a reputation for its independent jewellers and once people have found Wylde’s, they realize that buying from us really brings them into the lovely Wylde jewellery family.

Wylde Flower Diamons