Inside a German Fleur Créatif Workshop Adventure

Inside a German Fleur Creatif Workshop Adventure

Ahead of our fabulous Fleur Créatif Floral Workshops in Germany this November, we caught up with the three designers and also with Nicola Fink, Press Officer of the German Florist Association, for an insight into their work, their inspirations and the programme’s very special location.

ECT: Nicola, the workshops are all being held at Florist Park, what is that?

NF: Florist Park is an established centre for floristry education, well-known both in Germany and internationally for its high-level seminars and workshops. Tino Hoogterp, Brigitte Heinrichs and Ursula Wegener all teach here - Ursula is the leader of the Master Course. Florist Park is also the HQ of the German Florist Association (FDF), which represents German florists. FDF partner IPM Essen, a major floristry event that takes place each January, and all the exhibitors stay at Florist Park.

ECT: Tell us about the location – it’s not just an anonymous corporate building

NF: Not at all, Florist Park is actually a very old farmhouse set on a big site with lots of green space. The Ruhr region is the most densely populated area in Germany so people are always surprised to find so much space here. It’s a really lovely area for florist’s workshops – even in the winter the teachers encourage students to go out and find materials to work with. There are two separate buildings. The Main House with the guest rooms, canteen and bar, which is very relaxed and friendly (and the food is delicious), and the School House where the workshops and seminar rooms are.

Florist Park Germany Flower School

ECT: Let’s meet the designers …. Ursula Wegener, Tino Hoogterp and Brigitte Heinrichs,  How would each of you describe your style?

                       Floral workshops with Fleur Creatif designers  Ursula Wegener; Brigitte Heinrichs, Tino  Hoogterp

Ursula: The seasons are important and I like to transform organic, natural forms into both free and applied floral designs. But even with applied floristry, I like to avoid dogmas and questions about right and wrong. I am inspired by the forms, textures and colours of flowers and foliage and the landscapes they grow in, as well as architecture, crafts and art of all kinds.

Floral Design Ursula Wegener

Braiding grass in a Wild Field by Ursula Wegener

Tino: An unconventional mix of art, industrial design and the deepest respect and appreciation for nature. I love to work with all floral materials, but one of my favourites is Cornus, it is an all-round talent! And I also love to work with unconventional materials such as rice paper, nori paper or concrete.

Tino Hoogterp Floral Design Table of Flowers by Tino Hoogterp

Brigitte: Very natural and always including a lot of flowers. I love to combine contrasting colours, textures and, most importantly, movement. I don´t have a favourite flower or foliage or even season… everything is fantastic in its time.

Floral Design Brigitte Heinrichs
In the Pink by Brigitte Heinrichs

ECT: What can people expect to learn at a workshop with you?

Ursula: Our principals are all related to nature but I encourage students to develop their techniques using all possible materials.

Tino: That you can get your ideas for arrangements from everywhere, it doesn't matter if it's art, music, industry, design; that you're able to combine materials and ideas in ways you'd never thought of before and, last but not least, that wild nature, with its floral beauties and movements, is our friend not a foe.

Brigitte: Lots of different techniques! That’s the most important thing for me - most of the time people have problems because they have an idea, but don´t know how to get it done so I like to give students the tools to be creative and know how to achieve what they want.

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Floral Design Brigitte Heinrichs

Brigitte Heinrichs