Inside Fleur Créatif

Inside Fleur Creatif

As we launch our 2020 Fleur Créatif workshop adventures, we caught up with Lieven Hemschoote, Managing Director of the magazine’s publisher Rekad, to find out more about this fabulous floral publication

Gregor Lersch

Design by Gregor Lersch, image courtesy of Fleur Créatif

ECT: When was Fleur Créatif first launched?

LH: It grew out of Fleuramour, which was the brainchild of my father Jomi Hemschoote. In 1996, he decided to create an event to help publicise a book about Belgian floristry he had recently published, so he invited 25 florists from different parts of Belgium to Alden Biesen, where they created displays and gave demonstrations. Some 2,000 Belgians came to see what was happening. Encouraged by the public response, Jomi started planning a floral magazine for the general public. Fleur Créatif launched at the next event.

ECT: What is the concept behind the magazine?

LH: It's aimed at professional florists and floral designers, as well as members of the general public with a real interest in floral design and floral art. Everyone can get inspiration from the magazine. We have four seasonal issues and two Fleur@home specials. The seasonal editions are a mix of exceptional photographs of floral designs and coverage of important events, while the specials focus on our lives with flowers, particularly for festivities such as birthday parties and Christmas. Again, the photography is excellent and include lots of step-by-step guides.

Moniek van den Berghe

Design by Moniek van den Berghe, image courtesy of Fleur Créatif

ECT: What’s the circulation?

LH: I’m not going to give a number! However, we publish in four different languages (Dutch, French, German and English) and have distribution through shops and supermarkets in most of the countries in Western Europe. We've also built up quite a big subscription database right across the world. I’m pretty sure we are the number one in the world.

ECT: How many designers does the magazine work with and what do they do?

LH: We started the magazine with only Belgian designers because the quality of their work, both technically and design-wise, was exceptionally high at that time. Credits go to our initial designers, who have supported the magazine from the beginning: Geert Pattyn, Moniek Vanden Berghe, Ivan Poelman, Jan Deridder, Gerda Bresseleers and Stef Adriaenssens and, of course, the mentor of all, Daniël Ost. After about 15 years, we created a group of young designers, such as Tom De Houwer, Annick Mertens, Gregor Lersch and many more. All were introduced in the magazine, as well as at our events. As the magazine’s distribution has become ever more international, international designers have become more and more important to us.

Gregor Lersch

Designs by Gregor Lersch, images courtesy of Fleur Créatif

ECT: Are you always looking to add names to your list of Fleur Créatif designers?

LH: Yes, we are constantly looking for new talent in the world who we can give a stage to in the magazine, or at our events. But we also keep working with a consistent group of designers who we know.

ECT: What are the criteria for selection?

LH: It is important that our floral designers work in a professional way, not only with flowers and techniques, but also with photographers. I’ve seen a lot of good work in the past, but if it isn’t photographed properly, it isn’t useable.

Geert Pattyn

Design by Geert Pattyn, image courtesy of Fleur Créatif 

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