Five Reasons to visit Floralia Brussels

5 reasons to visit Floralia Brussels

1. The Spring Bulbs

More than a million bulbs burst into bloom for Floralia Brussels. Only the most beautiful species, grown by the most talented producers, are selected.

Floralia Brussels Spring FLowers

2. The Planting

Overseen by Maarten Bakker, a descendant of a famous family of Dutch bulb producers, the bulbs are (hand) planted in the gardens to create displays that are more like living paintings than flower beds.

Floralia Brussels Spring Flowers

3. The Tulips

The Netherlands isn’t alone in celebrating the tulip. Floralia Brussels boasts almost 400 varieties of what is one of the world's most favourite flowers.

4. The Indoor Exhibition

The castle grounds are home to 1000 square meters of newly restored greenhouses. During the festival these glass houses are turned into beautiful indoor gardens filled with exceptional – and ever changing - displays. 

Floralia Brussels


5. The Setting

Floralia Brussels is set against the magnificent backdrop of the 17th century castle of Grand Bigard (Groot Bijaarden). Surrounded by a large moat, visitors enter over a five arch bridge protected by two heraldic lions.

Groot Bijarden castle