Five minutes with textile artist Grace Meijer

5 minutes with Grace Meijer

Grace Meijer is a textile artist who exhibits at Quilt Festival Noord Groningen. We asked her to tell us a bit about her work and why this festival is a must see

ECT: How did you first get started as a textile artist?

GM: It all began with a picture in a magazine in the 1970s. It showed a piece of cloth draped over a chair.  I didn’t know who it was by, but the colours really appealed to me so I kept it. A decade later, having moved back to Holland from London, I enrolled on a six-month patchwork course and I took the picture with me. That was it. I was a painter, but I found that I could achieve things with fabric that I never could have achieved with paint.  

Wellow Burns

Wellow Burns by Grace Meijer


ECT: Tell us something about your work

GM: It’s very much colour-driven.  I start with an idea, then I use photographs to help me translate the concept I have in my head into fabric. For example, ‘Walk in the Park’, which was my final piece for my City Guild part two exam, is based on Cubism and grew from photographs I had taken of my local park.  I selected 19 of the most suitable images, made drawings from them, then enlarged them using squared paper. By placing tracing paper over the, now A3 size drawing, I traced lines and fragmented it into facets of colour. I then traced the lines in mirror images and used it as a foundation for piecing, mostly by machine, some by hand. I used many different fabrics - cotton, linen, silk, it didn’t matter so long as the colour was right. Then, once all the blocs were finished, I moved them around until I was satisfied with the result. The piecing took 285 hours.

Walk in the Park

Walk in the Park by Grace Meijer

Jazz Musicians

Pianist, Double Bass, Percussion & Trumpeter by Grace Meijer


ECT: What do you love about Quilt Festival Nord Groningen?

GM: It’s the only annual quilt show in Holland and it takes place in such varied venues – churches, church halls, even a windmill. The visitors are wonderfully varied too. Talking to so many different people about what I do is a real highlight.