The European Patchwork Meeting

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The European Patchwork Meeting is one of our most favourite textile events. Here our tour guide - and keen quilter - Graham Parker, explains why this show is such an annual favourite. 

European Patchwork Meeting

Textile lovers have been travelling to the Val d’Argent to experience the extraordinary celebration of textile arts that is the European Patchwork Meeting for more than 25 years. Set in the four villages that make up this area of the Haut Rhin, it attracts exhibitors from all over the world and has become the world’s leading celebration of patchwork and quilt art.

Regular ECT Tour guide Graham Parker has been to plenty of quilt festivals in his time, but the EPM remains a particular favourite. “It’s a wonderful combination of the regional and the international,” he explains, “a fact that’s down largely to its unique setting.  Rather than being held in a big exhibition hall, this show takes places in curious locations across four pretty villages; there are exhibitions in churches, shop fronts, theatres - even an old bus garage - and this really enhances this regional and international quality of the work.  And touring the villages is a joy – you can really get under the skin of where you are.”

St Marie aux Mines St Marie aux Mines, image courtesy of

Colmar Street View A street in Colmar

 We will be at European Patchwork Meeting in September 2024