Annick Mertens' Floral Workshop Adventure

Annick Mertens' Floral Workshop Adventure

Annick Mertens is a master florist. We asked her to tell us how she got started and why workshops are so important to her practice.

Annick Mertens display

ECT: How did your career in floristry begin?

AM: I wanted to be a garden architect, but my parents saw more future in a degree in agriculture and agribusiness so that's what I did. However, while I was studying, I worked for a florist at the weekends and that's where my passion for flowers began. The philosophy between the two art-forms is actually quite similar; in both cases artistic creations are made using natural materials. The only difference is that gardens last longer than flower arrangements. 

ECT: What three words best sum up your work?

AM: Female, romantic, natural

Annick Mertens flower arrangements

ECT: Workshops form a large part of your business – why is that?

AM: I really enjoy meeting other people who share my passion for flowers and I love it when people visit my rose field – as they walk through the field picking flowers and branches to use in their displays, they feel like children in a sweet shop.

ECT: And what do you hope your students learn from your workshops?

AM: Well I do teach lots of technical tricks and tips, but the most important message I want to pass on is that people should feel the flowers with all their senses. My workshops are also a time to for people to unwind surrounded by beautiful flowers, laugh together, work together and finally return home with a feeling of deep satisfaction.

Annick Mertens rose field