Captivating Caribbean - cast yourself away to a paradise island

Idyllic Caribbean Holiday - All Inclusiive to the Caribbean

The Caribbean certainly captivates all who visit. For those seeking a sun-soaked, relaxing holiday, visiting any one of the many islands in the Caribbean offers the perfect escape.  The Caribbean is a byword for beach-side relaxation, almost every island has at least one perfect stretch of white sand, while everywhere is imbued with welcoming laid-back island vibes and hospitality.

Snorkling in St Lucia and Barbados - Tropical fish of the Caribbean

While sun and see await, so does amazingly diverse wildlife and breath-taking natural beauty.  Nine percent of the world’s coral reefs are in the Caribbean, all of which teem with vibrant colour and sea life. If you enjoy deep sea diving or snorkelling, then you won't be able to resist exploring the warm, crystal clear aquamarine sea to experience encounters with enchanting marine life and mysterious shipwrecks.

Wildlife in the Caribbean - Whale watching, Dolphins and Sea Turtles

Mid-January to mid-March is peak season for whale watching in the Caribbean, with frequent sightings of humpback whales as they migrate to breed. Among the most magnificent and fascinating animal is the sea turtle, and there are over four varieties of these gentle creatures found in the Caribbean. It is the most endangered creature in this region, so having the opportunity to observe them in their natural setting is quite special and not to be missed. The Caribbean is also a birdwatcher’s paradise,  from the green-blue-red St Lucia parrot, to the green-throated carib (a species of hummingbird) there is a multitude of colour to see and song to hear.

Amazing Flora and Botanics of the Caribbean - Wildlife Travel to St Lucia and Barbados

Caribbean's native trees, shrubs and flowers are equally fascinating, from the pretty and heavenly scented dwarf ylang ylang flower to “Queen Achema", a vibrant bromeliad that blooms only once in its lifetime. Many plants in the Caribbean are known for medicinal qualities and have always been valuable resources.  There are some wonderful private gardens and tropical forests to explore and learn about local botanics, from Hunte's Gardens in Barbados, to Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens in the Soufriere Estate in St Lucia.

Tasting Rum on Caribbean holiday and Bontanic Garden visits in St Lucia and Barbados

With so much sunshine on a Caribbean holiday, you will no doubt want to refresh yourself with a delicious rum cocktail. Distilled from sugar cane, rum has always been important part of the island's culture - the first distillation was on a plantation in the 17th century. It is worth visiting a working plantation distillery, not just to sample different spice blends and learn about the process, but also to find out about rum's extraordinary history and economic significance in this region.

Caribbean sounds, St Lucia Jazz Festival

There are many distinctive musical genres in the Caribbean - reggae, salsa and calypso to name just a few - and their origins are a reflection of their African and European influences. Music is very much a part of island life and there are numerous world-class music festivals to enjoy, such as the annual St Lucia Jazz festival. 

Best golf links in the Caribbean - Sandal's Resort and West Indian Cricket

Golf players and cricket lovers will not be disappointed visiting any of the islands in the Caribbean. There are some magnificent greens to play and, with cricket being the most popular sport in the Caribbean, the opportunity to see a match live and observe regional flair and style of their gameplay will be a must for all enthusiasts.

Idyllic Beaches of the Caribbean - 5* Luxury travel to Barbados and Stu Lucia

We know you will want to relax, be pampered and luxuriate on your Caribbean holiday and for those who love the experience of a top-class spa, there is much to look forward to, from a memorable rainforest spa set in sumptuous tree-house cabanas above the forest floor, to a palatial spa with private relaxation pools surrounded by a herb garden. Soothing, relaxing and rejuvenating, this tropical destination is a magical place to revitalise your body, mind and spirit.

Let us entice you to visit on one of our Caribbean holidays.

Soak up sun and relaxation in the Caribbean on a luxury holiday