What is the role of Group Organisers and Tour Ambassadors?

As a Group Organiser, benefit from a free place on the tour and also have the opportunity of tailoring the itinerary of your exclusive tour to include additional visits, or add an extra night or group meal.

A Group Organiser acts as a single point of contact with ECT, representing their group members.  They undertake to assemble a group of at least 25 members, take payments and distribute tour itinerary information to the group.  Group Organisers put in considerable time and effort in bringing a group together and handling administrative tasks, such as collecting booking forms and payments and distributing tour related information to group members.

As Tour Ambassador, you receive a £50 tour discount in exchange for a list of tour participants (with a minimumn of 25 confirming).  The task is simply a question of choosing a tour and forwarding us names and contact details of at least 24 others (up to 45) want to book onto the tour.  Upon receipt of this, we will manage all communications directly with each individual booking, answering any questions about the tour directly and taking payments taken over the phone.  

Whichever role you choose…

In both instances you will benefit from being on a tour of your choice with like-minded people, benefitting from the competitive rates associated with a larger booking.  The starting point for both roles is to promote the tour within their local area.  To assist you in presenting the tour to interested parties, we can provide a promotional tour leaflet, electronic images for a PowerPoint presentation or even share your social media posts on the subject.  We will help in any way we can.

What if minimum numbers are not achieved for the tour I am promoting/organising?

There are two options: 1) to have the tour repriced for a smaller group size, which will result in a supplement to the remaining tour members, or 2) you can arrange for us to take over the selling of the remaining tour places by opening sales up to other regions, groups and individuals.  This would mean that the tour would no longer be exclusive to the original group and pick up points will need to accommodate all passengers. Whilst this would exclude free or discounted places, it does have the advantage of giving the tour the best chance or running.