Singapore Garden Festival 2020 & Exotic Asia

The biannual Singapore Garden Festival is one of the world's leading garden shows, attracting award winning landscape and garden designers, florists and horticulturalists from all over the world. We have created three brand new programmes around this spectacular eight day celebration of tropical gardening,  offering travellers unmissable opportunities to visit Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia.


The Singapore Garden Festival 

"The Singapore Garden Festival is so much more than a garden show – it takes place in Gardens by the Bay for a start, so the location alone makes it remarkable. I’ve taken two world flower experts there over the years and they were both absolutely blown away by it," Alison Bradley, Editor of Fusion Flowers

Nicolaus Peters

Gardens by the Bay

Singapore’s award-winning showpiece of horticulture and garden artistry claims to be a place where wonder blooms. This awe-inspiring garden is home to specialist conservatories such as the Flower Dome, where flowers from the Mediterranean regions bloom in a perpetual spring, and the Cloud Forest, home to the world’s tallest waterfall. (Take the lift to the top to discover plants living 2,000m above sea level.)  And of course, no one can miss the Supertrees; ranging from 25-50m tall, these vertical gardens are home to around 162,000 plants.

Gardens by the Bay

Gaya Island Resort, Malaysian Borneo

Borneo is the single largest stretch of rain forest in Southeast Asia and the third largest rain forest on earth. Come with us on an exotic adventure to the Gaya Island Resort, a luxurious sanctuary nestled in the hillside of the ancient rain forest. 

Gaya Island Resort

Ninh Van Bay Resort, Vietnam

Why not extend your Asian adventure with a luxurious eco-escape in Vietnam? Accessible only by boat, Ninh Van Bay Resort sits in a calm bay with a golden sand beach surrounded by tall boulder-strewn mountains. Exotic jungle, cooling sea and rejuvenating spa treatments await. 

Vietnamese fishing boat

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